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Isola Di Cocco Ayurveda Beach Resort India provides a Comfortable holiday package Along with Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments for you. We provide Reservation for all the beach resort in Kerala with Honeymoon packages


Isola Di Cocco Kerala Ayurveda Beach Resort, Beach Holiday Hotel with Ayurveda Honeymoon Packages, Trivandrum, Kerala.  Poovar Kovalam Beach Island Resort Ayurveda Health Packages Ayurveda Rejuvenation, Relaxation and Detoxification Packages, Honeymoon holiday Packages Kerala India.  Beach Hotel Trivandrum Ayurveda Holiday Packages Kerala

Isola Di Cocco Poovar Beach Backwater Resort Trivandrum, Kerala                                                            

Isola di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Backwater Resort, Kerala                                                                                                            Ayurveda Resorts Kerala


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Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala - a unique heritage resort cosseted by a coconut grove, residing on the banks of the river Poovar, at the juncture where the tranquil river embraces the roaring Arabian sea!

Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala is tucked away in the south-western tip of India in the State of Kerala - the internationally renowned tourist destination (projected as one of the 50 best "must see destinations" in the world by the National Geographic Traveller Magazine).

Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala is virtually encircled by water. Here nature offers you her bountiful best - a riverbank, a beach, lakes, ponds and backwaters. Look out from the resort , and you see the river beyond which is the delightful private beach and yonder, the sea.

A sense of exclusivity is evident immediately as you approach the entrance of Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala, which offers a warm and personal welcome. You will find secluded clusters of housing villas, each with its own balcony offering breath-taking views and reflecting typical Keralian architecture with flair. Lush, tropical landscaping, oceanfront pools and palm-laced and stone walkways create a hideaway of tropical privacy.

Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala is a heritage resort like no other. Here you have the river, the lakes, the backwaters, country boat rides and what's more, Ayurveda. If you dream of relaxing in a heritage room or lying on the beach, lulled by the sound of waves and the rustling of palm fronds stirred by tropical trade winds, then Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala is just right for you.



Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala - Recreational facilities like a library, pool table & Indoor/Outdoor games like Beach Volley Ball etc. You can enjoy Pedal Boats ride & boat transfers to the Beach etc. You can also surf the Internet in our cyber café located in the Front Office.

Spend your time lounging by the poolside or on the hammocks by the backwaters or on the charu kasera (a traditional easy chair of Kerala) by the room or indulge yourself in a variety of Ayurvedic treatments at the Bela Ayurvedic Centre and yoga at the Yoga Centre. Pamper yourself a little or a lot.

The Crystal clear pool affords you a wonderful opportunity to unwind or exercise depending on your needs.

Dock our boat at the beach and stroll along in-between the backwaters and the sea – two different waterfronts.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Multi-Cuisine Restaurant of Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala. Later stop by the coffee shop or the pool bar for a comforting or a cheering drink.
Last but not the least the staff of Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala from the franchise partners to every manager and employee is committed to provide you with personalized, professional guest service with a smiling face with the satisfaction of the guest in mind at every contact.

Ayurveda at Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala
Ayurveda & Panchakarma Packages

Ayurveda is the traditional health science of India. The word 'Ayurveda' means Science of Life (Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge) which explains the knowledge of various guidelines to be followed to keep one healthy. So this is not only a medical system but also a way of life This science has a strong basis of Indian Philosophy, which has been handed down to us by means of ancient scripts on palm leaves.


Ayurveda has two main aims, which are the preservation of health in healthy people and curing of diseases in people with ailments.

REJUVENATION THERAPY (7 to14 days)(Rasayana Chikitsa)
Our body components like the cells and tissues are undergoing various degenerative changes everyday as the age advances. So it is very important to arrest or delay this process by rejuvenating the body. This therapy will help you to rejuvenate your body and mind, improve your general health and sexual power , This therapy include food massage, cream massage, Synchronic massage, Herbal face pack, Steam bath, Shirodhara, Njavarakizhi etc. Decoction will be about 90 to 120 minutes per day. Herbal rejuvenating medicines use will be provided.

BODY IMMUNIZATION THERAPY(14 to 28 day)(Vyadhi-kshamathwa chikitsa)
This is to enhance and preserve your natural immunity. This therapy includes a basic purification, various types of body massage, Snepana, Swedana, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Shirodhara, Podikizhi, sirovasthy, Nasyam and bath. Duration will be about 2 to 3 hours per day. Special herbal medicines will be provided for internal use to improve the functions of immune system.

BODY PURIFICATION THERAPY(14 to 12 days) (Panchakarma Chikitsa)
Huge amount toxins are accumulated in out body because of the wrong way of life. eating habits, climatic change etc. Body's natural mechanism is not always enouggh to expel all there toxin and purity your body, which include preparatory methods like snehapana, Swedana, oil massage.

DE-STRESS THERAPY (7 to 14 days)
(Manasika Chikitsa)
This is very effective for reducing a stress from the job, personal life surrounding. This is a combination of different kinds of treatments, which calms down the body, a mind, and soul. Duration will be about 120 to 180 minutes / days with in take of herbal medicines.

BEAUTY CARE PROGRAMME (7 to 21 days)(Soundarya sarakshana chikitsa)
The special treatment includes herbal cream massages, Oil massages, Body pack Herbal face pack, Herbal bath, Powder massage, Fruit massage etc. This treatment increases the skin tone, complexion, and peripheral circulation. Also beautifies the body figure. Duration will be about 2 to 3 hours per day.

SLIMMING PROGRAMME (21 to 28 days)(Sthoola chikitsa )
This includes medicated power massage, Oil massage,

Steam bath, Herbal bath, Snehavasthy, Pizhichil, Podikizhi, Elakizhi, Pichu etc. This therapy is effective for keeping the spine and neck healthy and to cure the problems associated with it. Duration will be about 90 to 120 minutes / day.


This include Relaxing types of massages, Thaila dharma, Ksheera dhara , Steam bath and other types of relaxing treatments . This is effective for the general relaxation of the body and mind. Duration will be about 90 minutes / day.

(14 to 21 days)
This is a comprehensive clinical approach to the common symptoms like cellulities, water retention etc which is caused by various reasons. This programme includes powder massages, cream massages, herbal paste application, podikizhi, elakizhi, body pack etc. Medicines for internal use shall be provided as per the condition.

AYURVEDA TREATMENTS                                                                 Make Reservation

Ayurveda treatments are so effective that it can cure even chronic diseases.  And that too without any side effects.  Treatments like Panchakarma are highly successful in curing Rheumatic problems, Arthritis, Nervous disorders, Spinal Problems, Spondylitis etc. 

SHIRODHARA: In Shirodhara, medicated oil or milk or buttermilk is poured on the forehead in a rhythmic way for 30 – 45 minutes.  This treatment is mainly for stress, mental tension, headache, insomnia and impaired memory.

SHIROVASTHY: A cap is fitted on the head and medicated oil is poured in to it, then this is head for 20 to 30 minutes.  This treatment is very effective for insomnia, facial paralysis, numbness in the head, dryness of nostril and throat, headache etc. 

ABHYANGAM: In Abhyangam, oil is applied on the whole body or specific part and massaged gently along the circulatory channels for 45 to 60 minutes.  It cures fatigue, Vatha problems and sleeplessness.  This treatmentnt is good for eyes, good skin and long life. 


UDWARHANAM:In Udwarthanam, massage is done with warm medicated powder in a special method for 30 – 45 minutes.  This treatment helps you reduce weight and get stability and strength.  It gives better skin luster and is good for Kapha predominant conditions. 

PIZHICHIL: It is a sweating type of treatment.  In Pizhichil, warm herbal oils are applied on the whole body in a rhythmic way for about 45 – 60 minutes.  This treatment gives relief from rheumatic problems, Arthritis, paraplegia, hemiplegia and paralysis.  It cures sexual weakness and nervous disorders.


NJAVARAKIZHI: Njavarakizhi is a sudation treatment in which the body is made to perspire by the application of special boluses which contain cooked herbal rice inside.  Here the massage is done with this bolus after dipping it in a mixture of milk and decoction for 45 minutes – 60 minutes.  It is effective for rheumatism, joint pain, emaciation, muscle wasting etc. 

NASYAM: Nasyam is a Panchakarma treatment and in this treatment herbal juices or oils are dripped in to the nostrils.  This is a cleaning treatment, effective for facial paralysis, sinusitis, headache and some mental disorders. 

LEPANAM: Lepanam is the application of herbal paste on the effected part of the body.  Lepanam is highly effective for various types of inflammatory conditions, gout, Arthritis and skin diseases. 

KARNA DHOOPANAM: In Karna Dhoopanam, medicated antiseptic fumes are puffed into the ears for 5 – 10 minutes.  It helps to clean and detoxify the ear. 

THARPANAM: In Tharpanam, eyes are treated with various herbal preparations to prevent and cure diseases of the eyes. 

MUKHALEPAM: Mukhalepam is the facial treatment with different kinds of herbal paste.  It is very effective for wrinkles, cellulites, Blackhead etc. This treatment beautifies and rejuvenates the facial skin. 

REJUVENATION MASSAGE: It is a special kind of massage in which the whole body is massaged by hands and foot for 50 – 60 minutes.  This massage rejuvenates the body, increases sexual power, blood circulation and also reduces mental tension. 

GENERAL MASSAGE: This is the full body massage by hands using herbal oils for 45 to 60 minutes.  It improves and normal skin complexion and removes impurities and also cures fatigue. 

HERBAL STEAM BATH: In Herbal Steam Bath, body is treated with a medicated steam introduced to wooden cabin for 15 – 20 minutes.  It improves the blood circulation, eliminating impurities and also heals fatigue. 

KIZHI: Kizhi means bolus.  In this treatment, special herbal leaves or powders are smeared in oil and ties up in a muslin bag.  Then the massage is done on the whole body or on the affected part with this special bolus after dipping it in warm oil. It is very effective for pain inflammation and stiffness. 

KATIVASTHY: In Kativasthy, the body is treated with warm medicated oil kept on the lower back of the patient in a herbal paste boundary for 30 – 45 minutes.  It cures low back pain, Spondylitis and other problems in the lower vertebral column.

HEAD MASSAGE: In this massage, head is massaged with special strokes which are very good for relaxation and sleep.


Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala offers rooms, suites and condominiums, spread over 30 acres studded with palms and lush greenery. Privacy abounds at this upscale resort .where you'll enjoy romantic seaside dining, lively open-air bar, attentive staff, large fresh water pool, great backwater rides and lots of relaxation Laze around our coconut grove or relax in a hammock with books from our well-stocked library.

All rooms are air conditioned and built to international standards and facing the garden at Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala.
You have a choice of three kinds of rooms:

Standard, Heritage, and Suites

Standard Room:
Modern rooms with traditional carved wood furniture. All rooms have a 'verandah' which faces a delightfully laid out, well-landscaped exotic garden. Spread out in clusters, the rooms face the exotic garden.

CCTV, Telephone, Mini fridge etc. En-suite Bathroom with 24 hrs running hot & cold water. Efficient 24 hrs Room Service.

Heritage Rooms at Isola Di Cocco Ayurvedic Beach Resort Trivandrum Kerala

Heritage rooms are wooden paneled with teak or rosewood. Each room can trace its lineage to ancient traditional houses of Kerala called "The Tharavadu". The rooms have been transplanted panel by panel with utmost care for recreating the original look and feel. Guests staying here will feel what it means to live in a bygone era where time stood still and life was leisurely, simple and gracious. The furniture are hand-carved antiques. A king-sized bed awaits your slumbers.

CCTV, Telephone, Mini fridge etc. En-suite Bathroom has open roof design - with the sky as the roof,24 hrs hot and cold running water, 24 hrs Room Service.


Each suite has a Verandah, a living room, a bedroom and an open-to-sky modern bathroom. These suites are centrally air-conditioned.

CCTV, Telephone, Mini fridge etc. En-suite Bathroom with an open roof design - with the sky as the roof. It has 24 hrs hot and cold running water. 24 hrs Room Service.

Tree House

A Totally dedicated sea facing Tree House facing the Sea with all luxury facilities. Tree houses are modified versions of "Erumadam", usually used by the tribals in order to escape from the attacks of wild animals. At Isola di cocco modified Tree houses are incorporated with all the facilities you are getting in your home. In effect, you are receiving a wonderful home without much disturbing the nature. A complete home and home stays over 50 feet height, with all natural and fresh air and water.


Air-conditioned, CCTV, Telephone, Mini fridge etc. has 24 hrs hot and cold running water. 24 hrs Room Service.

Tree House : provides excellent view to the back waters and the sea from the window.  This is a wonderful experience for Honeymoon couples when enjoy the Ayurveda Holidays at our Resort.

                                                                                                             Make Reservation

  About Isola Di Cocco Beach / Backwater Resort Trivandrum, Kerala:

70 Cottages & Rooms
Multi Cuisine Restaurant
Coffee Shop
Swimming Pool & Pool side bar
Ayurveda Center
Yoga Center
Conference Hall
Beach Boating
River Cruise
Beauty Parlour
Kids Play area
Tours & Travel counter
Games Room
Health Club

Outdoor Games …
…etc……etc …
specially for you to enjoy the Ayurveda Beach Resort Holidays.


Banquets Hall – 1 – has a capacity of 175 people
Banquets Hall – 2  - has a capacity of 75 people
Beach side Party area for 2000 people 


Recreational facilities like:
pool table & Indoor/Outdoor games like Beach Volley Ball etc.
Pedal Boats ride & boat transfers to the Beach
Internet in our cyber café located in the Front Office. 


Boating in the backwater
Less than one mile from Beach
Front desk, concierge and guest service staff to accommodate all your needs and wishes
24 hrs Room Service
Complimentary morning newspaper on request
Daily housekeeping, including nightly turndown
In room safe
Valet Parking
Swimming Pool
Ayurveda Center under supervision of Qualified professionals

Ayurveda Resort Reservation

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Ayurveda Resort Reservation


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