Ayurveda Massage Table Ayurvedic Wooden Droni Ayurveda Shirodhara Stand Steam bath Wooden Massage Table  

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Ayurveda Wooden Massage Table


Ayurveda Wooden Massage Table



We Supply Authentic Kerala
Traditional Ayurvedic Equipments

Wood / Fiber Droni (Dharapaty)
Leather Shirobasti Belt
Metal / Fiber Shirodhara Pots
Asthapana Basti Netram (Brass)
Vaman & Virechan Units
Swedan (Steam Bath) Units etc..

Ayurveda Wooden Massage Table

Ayurveda : Ayurveda is believed as the oldest treatment method in the world (more than 3500 years old). The Plants are used for preparing as medicines. Nowadays Ayurveda has become very popular among the tourist especially foreigners. Patients from all over the world are coming here for Ayurveda treatment. The literal meaning of Ayurveda is 'Science of Life'. Now the traditional knowledge has been improved through scientific research and is taught in various Ayurveda Colleges in Kerala. A graduate doctor in Ayurveda, takes 5 years of courses at college besides six months of internship and is considered on par with doctors of modern medicine.


Ayurveda Wooden Massage Table

Ayurveda Wooden Massage Table

Ayurveda Wooden Massage Table Ayurveda Wooden Massage Table

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Ayurveda Equipments India provides the best quality wooden Ayurveda Droni, massage table, Shirodhara stand, steam chamber and all other Panchakarma equipments and accessories.  We provide Single piece traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Equipments from Kerala, India.

  Ayurveda Panchakarma massage table Droni Shirodhara stand Ayurvedic wooden massage table